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Oils for passenger cars

Thanks to the package of conditioners, they protect all moving parts of the engine, ensuring perfect lubrication from the moment the vehicle is started.


ISO VG: 10W-40

Daytona Engine PRO S 10W-40 is an oil designed for light weight delivery vans and passenger cars. Daytona Engine PRO S 10W-40 is perfect for both everyday city driving as well as overcoming longer distances.

ISO VG: 15W-40

Daytona Engine PRO S 15W-40 is an oil that provides excellent anti-wear, antioxidant, washing-dispersing and temperature-viscosity properties. It guarantees high protection and optimal lubrication of all engine components.

ISO VG: 5W-30

Daytona Engine PRO S 5W-30 C3 is a synthetic, specialized product for the most modern gasoline and diesel engines with turbocharging equipped with unit injectors. Effectively protects engine parts, including the pump, even with a cold start. Contains a number of additives that provide excellent engine protection against wear and its precise lubrication.

ISO VG: 5W-30

Daytona Engine PRO S 5W-30 C3 LL is a fully synthetic oil for all gasoline and diesel engines. Used in vehicles that meet the stringent EURO IV exhaust emission standards. Effectively extends the life of oil and lubricated elements.

ISO VG: 5W-40

Daytona Engine PRO S 5W-40 fully synthetic oil designed for modern engines petrol and diesel. Effectively protects the lubricated components, protects against corrosion and extends the service life of engine components. Specialized add-on packages guarantee stability and consistency of the quality level under all conditions.

ISO VG: 5W-40

Daytona Engine PRO S 5W-40 XB synthetic engine oil with excellent lubrication all engine parts, even with cold starts. Allows for extended runs efficiently maintaining the service life of the elements. Thanks to technologically advanced formulation, it is effective reduces deposits and keeps the engine clean.